Hey, we’re just like you. Local folks, fighting the good fight and just trying to get ahead in the world while we enjoy our lives. And what’s more enjoyable than eating good food?

Unfortunately, “good food” and “pizza” haven’t always gone together. We grew tired of eating pizzas from those big chain pizzerias with their mushy crusts, frozen cheeses and premade sauce.
We decided that we could do better, and started cooking pizzas at home. Unfortunately, when we used other people’s recipes, we found their rules about which ingredients could be used with what style of pizza were too limiting for us. Right then we decided to make pizza the way we wanted to make it…not the way others were telling us to.

We cooked so much pizza that our pizza stone turned black as it became more and more ’seasoned’. We made pizza for friends and neighbors, and our unique style of pizza was really catching on. It wasn’t long before our friends would tell us that whenever they had pizza from somewhere else, it was never as good as a pizza from the ‘black stone’. From there, Blackstone Pizza was born!

Now we are bringing our pizza to you, and we hope you enjoy it. We make our own dough. We use fresh ingredients. We don’t follow anybody else’s rules. It’s pizza the way we wanna make it.

Blackstone Pizza…no rules, no limits!